In a gripping first-person voice that is at once fragmented and relentless, and through an enthralling telling that is both elliptical and far ranging, Babyn illustrates with rich detail and raw emotion the complexity and sprawl of the existential, interpersonal, and historical webs that entangle Mat as he attempts to grasp the nameless “something [he’s] been trying to locate” in all he’s lost, in the trace’s he’s preserved, and in the sliver of the grim future he glimpses.

Daniel Scott Tysdal, Judges’ Comments, Adam Penn Gilders Prize
  • Adam Penn Gilders Scholarship in Creative Writing. University of Toronto 2015.
  • Shortlisted, Lit-Pop Awards, Fiction. Matrix Magazine. 2015. 
  • First Place, Fables and Parables Contest. Maisonneuve, 2013.
  • First Place, Norma Epstein Award for Creative Writing (Short Fiction). University College, University of Toronto, 2010.