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At the end of every shift I would return to the circulation desk to describe my growing paranoia.Rochdale, 2019.

Teaching Literary Citizenship.” (with Robert McGill). AWP Writer, 2018.

Where to Dump a Body in Caledon.” (with Jess Taylor). Entropy Mag, 2018.

The Love Pirate.”, In the Hills Magazine,2014. 

The Strickland-Needleman Carousel.” HTML GIANT, 2014.

Lost at Sea,” The Town Crier, 2014.

Kill for Poetry.” The Town Crier, 2014.

Hiding in Plain Sight.” The Town Crier, 2013.

Why Catching Fire Caught.” The Town Crier, 2013.

Why Bother, Bernardo Soares?” The Town Crier, 2013.

Why Are We Surprised by David Gilmour?The Town Crier, 2013.

Report from the Beseiged Poets.” The Town Crier, 2013.

25 Points: The Drowned World.” HTML GIANT, 2013.

Choice and Consequence in Lucy Hardin’s Missing Period.” The Toronto Review of Books, 2012.